Friday, June 21, 2013

New at Essences: June 2013

Hello everybody!

Summer is finally arriving and we've got a few goodies for you this month!

We are very excited to let you know that The Dressing Room Fusion and the Zodiac had opened it's doors! The designers have done amazing things for this round!

The Dressing Room - All items under 70L$! You need to check it if you didn't already! This round we are offering a cute skin, somehow obscure, doll face type, Whisper. Whisper comes in 3 skintones: light rose, sunkissed & brown sugar. Three of the most beautiful shades for this summer! Cleavage and styling card are included. We olso want to mention that this is a beta version and the skin it's gonna be released soon.

Zodiac is open! This month is Cancer and we offer another cute skin with different options this time! Cancer skin comes in light rose skintone and you can buy one of this options: skin with brunette, brown, ginger, blonde brows or browless. Isn't that cool? You can now save one make-up layer space!


Cosmetic fair
We are offering: 6 tanning lotions for light skintones (they work on every skin, Essences or not) and eyebrows in 4 crazy colours!


Landmarks: The Dressing Room Fusion / The Zodiac / Cosmetic Fair 2013 Summer Edition / Essences Mainstore

We've created a new room for shapes! Clover, Wednesday II are some names! Check it out if you didn't already!

Thank you for reading this.
Best wishes,
Essences Management


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