Sunday, December 4, 2011

{.essences.} Peruvian Blazer - new!

3 colours, sculpted parts (collar, handcuffs, shoulders) all of them are modify.

If you want to see more, please visit our store inworld.

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Store policies / information

* Permissions policy * - All our items are no transfer.

* Failed Transactions/Duplicate Purchases * - Please fill out a notecard including your transaction history and send it to me.

* Bloggers & Review Copies Policy * Yes, why not? we are accepting review copy requests. And we do have a group in-world for bloggers. So, if you want to join it, please send a notecard to me with your name and your link, flickr page if you have one. If you are accepted, I will contact you.

* Inventory Loss * - Unfortunately, I cannot help you with this. Contact Linden Lab.

* Trades and exchanges * - Not acceptable. Please try a demo before you buy to make sure this is what you are looking for. No refunds because of the permissions (copy, modify).

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