Saturday, December 10, 2011

{.essences.} Anka skin - Photo Contest

Everybody is welcome to participate to this photo contest. Only 1 winner will be chosen. Price: 1000L$ cash.

The rules:

First of all, you must wear Anka skin (read below where you can find it!);
- the picture must be a face close-up;
- only 1 picture per participant is allowed;
You must post the photo on your blog with the mention "Essences - Anka skin - photo contest" then upload it on flickr and add it to this group;
- the model and the author of the photo must be the same person;
- the photo must be vertical (minimum size allowed 1500h x 900w pixel);

The contest begins on December 10th and it ends on December 20th.

*you can find the skin in store, it is hidden for the "With Love Again" hunt - Hint: Te amo Peru!

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