Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Interesting day

Umm, how should I start this post...

Oh yeah, let's start with Vintage Fair! The photo you see it's just a random photo I took at Vintage Fair sim with some girls I met last night (sweet and crazy, awesome designers and bloggers). Actually I can't say how impressed I am. People always make me lots of compliments. This makes me blush everytime. I met Zed Linden too. I can't express myself how happy I am that he is wearing my skin x.x (Ramses skin with a special facial hair - you will see it soon!)

It was a long but very interesting day for me. I was invited in skin addiction group as a designer (thanks Voshie xoxo) , I met the most friendly and kind people on the grid. I must say I need to go to bed. Yeah, again I haven't slept. Nini <3

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